Hamill unconvinced by Skywalker in The Last Jedi

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-01
Star Wars legend Mark Hamir admits he is not very impressed with Luke Skywalker\'s image in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
According to British media reports, Hamir admitted that Luke gave up the fate of the Jedi and went into exile on a planet inhabited by pork and fish nuns, which he did not believe.
Or the Irish call it Skellig Michael. \"I said to [
Director Lane Johnson
\"Jades don\'t give up,\" Hamir revealed . \".
\"I mean, even if [Luke]
It may take him a year to try to regroup if there is a problem, but if he makes a mistake, he will try to correct it, so it\'s there and we have the root
\"Luke Skywalker is reluctant to join the resistance movement, which is a special focus of debate for unhappy hardcore Star Wars fans who have reacted negatively to the film since it was released
But Hamir insisted that he understood why the character was performing slightly differently this time, thus qualifying his comments.
\"It\'s not my story anymore, it\'s someone else\'s story, and Rian needs me to be some way to make the ending work,\" he said . \".
\"This is the crux of my problem.
Luke would never say that. I\'m sorry.
\"In this version. . .
\"I\'m talking about George Lucas, this is the next generation,\" he continued . \".
\"I almost had to take Luke as another character.
Maybe he\'s \"Jack Skywalker\" and he\'s not my Luke Skywalker.
But I have to do what Rian wants me to do because it serves the story well.
\"Even though he\'s not sure about the role, Hamir insists it doesn\'t matter in the end --
But angry fans who signed a petition that was eliminated by the history of Star Wars may not agree.
\"Look, I haven\'t fully accepted it yet, but it\'s just a movie,\" Hamir said . \".
\"I hope people like it.
I hope they don\'t get angry.
I started to really believe that Rian was the one they needed for the job. b. \"
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