Graphene the ‘miracle material’ is stronger than diamond but what can it do?

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Graphene was a hot topic in the technology industry eight years ago.
This is such a powerful material that balances the elephant with a sharpened pencil, breaking through a layer of graphene, which is the same thickness as Saran wrapping [plastic wrap.
Its creators won the Nobel Prize and received a research grant of 1 euro (£ 880) from the EU in 2013.
It is touted as a \"miraculous substance\" and the \"infinite potential\" will reverse the entire technical sector.
It can roll up your iPhone like a pencil and stick it behind your ears.
In short, graphene is a ratio from single-atom-
Thick carbon sheet lighter, more flexible and conductive than silicon.
Some news reports at the time were expected to change soon and silicon would be swapped out to support the future of graphene and supergraphene
Powerful, flexible screens and unlimited connections will be introduced.
So, 15 years after the first demo, why didn\'t anyone hear about the material, \"the first silicon device was in the 1940 s,\" Professor James Tours, a nanotech expert at Rice University, told Metro. co. uk.
The silicon industry did not start until 1960.
So about 15-
From the first transistor era to the dawn of the silicon era, the gap of the year.
You didn\'t really start to see the computer actually take off until you were in your 70 s.
Compared with many other technologies entering the market, [graphene] is undoubtedly fast.
Some of the most interesting developments into the market came from the medical and military fields: It was very exciting, but Thomas Edison turned on the original light bulb, or John loggi Baird turned on the TV . . . . . . Not yet.
It may require a huge overnight change to attract mainstream attention, or when (if) the computer becomes 1,000 times faster.
James Baker, CEO of graphene at Manchester University, told METRO that the application of graphene is almost unlimited. co. uk.
From aerospace to automotive, to electronics, to biomedicine, to new thin film technology.
Products are beginning to exist, I believe we are approaching the \"tipping point\" of new products and applications in daily life \".
By 2022, the price of each car in the world was close to $200 (£ 158 ).
One of the current constraints is cost.
High-quality graphene currently costs $10,000. a-
Tons (£ 7,900) because it has a complex production process.
In the past, it needed expensive materials such as platinum, nickel or carbide, but now it is using copper foil, but it is still difficult to find the right material (graphene, which is not very high quality, can already be bought cheaply)But, Metro. co.
It has been told that there will be a major change in the way of production in the next 18 months, which will soon reduce prices.
When asked about this question, no one will talk about it on the record.
MIT has a scalable manufacturing process.
This means that all these \"potentials\" of graphene are beginning to become more realistic.
So, Professor Tour says that what is already happening with the flexible screen in reality, but what may happen with graphene is much bigger than that.
\"I think this will happen soon.
In fact, we are at the tip of it.
The miracle of graphene is that it is so simple, but it is made of the structure of one of the strongest bonds in the universe.
\"We still have to look at the \'discussion\', but there are many projects going on: the potential application of materials continues.
All of this is fascinating, but some people think that all the hype is lacking in substance.
Lux Research says graphene looks closer to the next carbon nanotubes [with limited use] than the next Silicon [.
Serious shortage of graphene
It is obvious to live up to [the hype.
All of these startups have unproven technical value and business execution capabilities.
\"This has been used as a marketing strategy and tennis star Novak Deyo is very happy with his graphene --
Racket optimization.
Lux\'s view is that all the \"potential\" and \"infinite\" uses of graphene are still potential and theoretical.
The industry is developing rapidly, but it has actually spent billions to adopt and develop it as soon as possible.
Suppose 1-metre-
Square hammock with perfect graphene can support 4-Kg cat.
The weight of the hammock is 0. 77 milligrams —
Less than the weight of the cat-
Almost invisible.
It will use a lamp.
The light bulb moments before the mainstream really sees graphene as a cat\'s beard.
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