Get This Now: Res-Q-Me Car Escape Tool

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-12
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Have you ever found yourself submerged in the water and need to get off the bus and get stuck in a car fire and the seat belt won\'t release the unlikely situation, of course, but if something terrible really happens, it\'s a good idea to be ready.
I am not a person who is bothered by the possible situation, but after finding the resqme Keychain Car escape tool, I am pleased to know that I can get off the bus if I am stuck.
The Resqme tool is both a window --
The circuit breaker and seat belt cutter can be easily connected to the key chain.
About the size of the modern key chain, this tool does not add too much volume to the key chain.
Even if it does, it would be wise to leave it in the cupholder or central console storage area for quick access in case of an emergency.
One end is the Spring Head, which can break the window with only 12 pounds force.
Simply push the breaker end into the window glass until the pressure is released.
It\'s not hard to do. children and the elderly can perform easily.
At the other end, a sharp metal blade is wrapped in the plastic of the tool so that it can be used safely anywhere.
In order to approach the tool, the tool must be removed from the keychain and the seat belt can slip into the opening.
With a little effort, the seat belt and windows can be cut off easily and the trapped driver can be released.
Thankfully, I wasn\'t told I needed to use the resqme tool, but I\'m sure it will work when the time comes.
Finished testing window-
The circuit breaker on the junk glass, what impressed me was how easy it was to break, breaking the integrity of the window and making it easy to break.
When others notice my keychain, they are often curious about what the resqme tool is and how it works.
Too many people don\'t know such a simple tool that could save lives in an emergency.
Buying yours today is a cheap deal compared to the cost of living.
Resqme, the original Keychain Car escape tool made in the United States (Black)
Amazon price: $9. 95 $9. 14 Buy Now(
Prices as of October 31, 2013)
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