Fortnite\'s New Star Lord Skin Is Live As Part Of Its \'Avengers: Endgame\' Crossover Event

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-11
The black widow may be aesthetically appropriate, but the Avengers character of Scarlet red Johansson is still a bit inappropriate to wander around the traditional fortnite Island --
Style: roll around in the squirrel ball, the balloon is attached to her back, dancing in the middle of the field for no reason.
However, for this second skin?
Very reasonable.
Fortnite reveals its second and last skin to work with Marvel, the Star Lord, also known as Chris Pratt incati of the Galaxy.
It\'s not surprising to see this guy take a break from the gunfight and dance in the corner.
Let\'s take a look: Star Lords like Black Widows sell for 1,500 V-
Bucks, compare it to the legendary costume.
This makes sense: after all, these skins are special, but they are also relatively simple humanoid skins.
Legends are usually reserved for the most complex and strange things, such as the Krampus or the Queen of ice.
Star Lord comes with a back jewel with baby Groot keychain and you can also purchase a matching pick-
If you want to finish this set, axe and glider.
Especially the glider, the feeling is an important addition to a person so attached to his boat.
This is Marvel skin, at least this time.
The overall aesthetic of Fitfortnite and the choice of characters jumping on the island to shoot people with assault rifles are quite limited: it\'s easy to imagine what a character like Captain America or Iron Man would look like in the game, but it\'s hard to imagine how they behave like you did in a normal game.
The Marvel crossover car feels successful so far and I believe Epic is cleaning up these skins.
The real highlight is the game end mode, which puts players on the side of the epic battle between Thanos and The Avengers, or at least the Avengers characters who somehow get their Avengers weapons.
It\'s a lot more complicated than what we saw last year, and last year we only saw Thanos himself and his stompy lasershooting ways.
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