Factory Opener

Factory Opener


Factory Open

After a long Chinese New Year holiday, our factory opened again. This is a special holiday for that corona virus is spreading, we take some steps when we back to work.

Firstly, a lot of preparatory work has been done, our boss made some online training on Wechat group, all the workers need to take protective measures on the way back to the factory, don't go to places where people don't gather. Give some uncomfortable and timely feedback. The heads of each department also hold a meeting to make clear the work arrangement after commencement

Secondly, Strengthened start-up training, All employees shall be trained, and each employee shall be provided with a mask to clarify the distance of the working position and the details of each work. In addition, each department should be retrained by the supervisor to confirm the work details of the employees again.

Finally, Daily measures, the factory disinfects every day. When workers enter the factory, they need to have a temperature test and wear masks. Each worker need a certain distance on work, and same as having lunch and dinner.

After one week, everything in factory go smoothly, our factory made some new products, see below:


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