Editorial: Ban on Russia elevates Olympics

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-07
Now that Russia\'s Olympic team has been banned from participating in 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Canadians may be completely excluded.
After all, these Olympics will lack strong Russians, who will usually give our athletes in the toughest games for the glory of the Olympics.
Without such vaunted competitors, the scenes and values of these games may be underestimated.
With more-
Connor mcdevid and other Canadian athletes feel sorry for skating in their country.
But Russia\'s unprecedented punishment this week has not weakened the games, but will strengthen and strengthen the world\'s most prestigious sporting event.
The scum of corruption and deception has long tarnished the gold, silver and copper of the Olympic Games and has finally been ignited with a flame of purification.
On Tuesday, the International Olympic Committee banned the Russian Olympic Committee from participating in the Winter Olympics.
The Russian flag will not be displayed or played.
As a concession, Russian athletes found to be clean can compete under a neutral flag.
Suspension is a just punishment for a country that has designed a system
For at least a decade, hundreds of athletes have sponsored and publicly funded doping programs.
This is also an unexpected;
The same Olympic officials were safe at the Summer Olympics in Rio, allowing various sports federations to decide which Russian athletes could compete --by-case basis.
On the scale of the Olympic Games, it is shirking its responsibility.
Make these games even more compelling: After 25 Russians have been disqualified, a special ceremony will be traced back to the legitimate winner of Sochi.
Thanks to the new findings of the IOC, sports fans may be seen as the purest and most honest Olympic Games in decades.
Of course, all sporting events, including those, will still be affected by fouls, but Russia has taken massive cheating in the Kremlin --
Government approval-
Perform doping and coverups.
As Canadians, when our own sprinter Ben Johnson is revealed to be a liar, we feel a collective sense of shame and shame. Fans of U. S.
Bicycle legend Lance Armstrong felt the same way when he discovered doping.
It is disappointing that a proud and unwatched Russia seems to lack the same sense of loss, and President Putin claims that the IOC\'s punishment is only a politically motivated Western conspiracy. That’s fine.
Canadian athletes can endure sour grapes from super powers.
They shouldn\'t live because they lost to the country.
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They don\'t have to do this in Pyeongchang.
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