3. Die casting (loading mold, adjusting machine, compact, QC)

This step makes the sqaure/rectangle zinc alloy into a product shape with mould.

4. Drilling (drilling, bud, sanding, scraping, trimming, punching, QC)

5. Polishing (sanding, throwing, throwing, QC, packaging)

6. Electroplating (hanging, walking, hanging, QC, packaging)

Bright nickel, pearl nickel, gold, pearl gold, black gun color, ancient bronze, ancient red copper, ancient brass, sandblasting, spraying various colors, spray pattern...

7. Leather goods (cutting, route, oil side, hot pressing logo, QC)

8. Metal logo processing (laser, oil filling, printing, QC, etc.)

9. Product Assembly-QC, Product Packaging-Finished Packing-Loading

Various packaging: cardboard plastic bags, color card packaging, blister packaging, light plastic boxes, high-end gift boxes, etc...

Inner Packaging
Outer Packaging
Product Assembly
Transport Packaging
Finished Packing
Loading And Shipping

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