Children\'s Emotional Development

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Children\'s emotional development is no different from their physical development, because each new year means different emotional boundaries for children.
This is the words of Diane de brofner, senior editor of Parents magazine, who participated in the early show and gave the family a little understanding of the emotional development of the child, and put forward suggestions on how parents can communicate with their children more effectively.
As children grow, they become more and more eager to be independent.
For parents, this is usually an awkward mood between them and their children.
A minute ago, the child was still insisting.
They wanted to run away the next minute. Toddlers (ages 1 and 2)
Being unable to speak can make it difficult for both children and parents.
Debrovner says the child is trying to figure out what he can do for himself.
Over time, parents will learn about their child\'s behavior by following patterns and clues.
The new TariffsNew R of trend newsexual barinterviewtrump.
Kelly ChargesTrump\'s Mueller ResponseA parents can try to predict when a child is hungry, tired or bored and be prepared for their emotional breakdown.
At this age, toddlers have a real sense of separation anxiety, so transition objects like blankets and stuffed animals are great because when kids are separated from parents, they will help their children comfort themselves.
Debrovner says this is usually something that many parents try to stop when they are very young --
Tell the children that they are too old for these things.
But a transition object can really help the children to reassure themselves.
Young children are emotionally self-centered.
They are not prepared to share so parents should not expect the child to understand the concept.
Debrovner said that the best way for parents to introduce the concept of sharing is to share toys with their children and help her understand that sharing does not mean that items will be taken away forever.
When a child arrives at pre-
Children between 3 and 4 years old, they are very self-centered.
Debrovner explained that their view of the world is that the world revolves around them.
They started chatting and playing in groups.
They have no emotional power to empathize with others --
Although parents want them to do so.
Debrovner suggested parents sow the seeds of compassion by letting their children think about the feelings of other children.
Children of this age are also beginning to have a very active imagination, which leads to new fears.
Debrovner said that parents should not despise the child\'s fear, but should talk to him to help him overcome it.
Children between the ages of 5 and 7 can empathize with the feelings of others.
In order to encourage generous behavior, parents should look for opportunities to talk about feelings and help children integrate into the lives of others.
At this age, separation anxiety reappeared, Debrovner said.
It appears in this age group because children are attending school most of the time now.
Parents can give their children a symbol of comfort.
Keychain with parent photos or stuffed animals printed.
This is also a difficult stage for children as they start school and now they have to learn not to speak loudly or run around in class.
At this point it is difficult for children to sit quietly, listen and follow the rules.
Parents should not worry that their children will bring teddy bears in the fourth grade.
Debrovner advises parents to be patient with their children.
These stages are indeed the stage of children\'s growth. Age-By-
Age EmotionsToddlersEasily FrustratedSeparation AnxietyEgo-Centric3-to 4-Year-
New Fear 5-to 7-Year-
Be patient with their children these stages are indeed the stages of their children\'s growth. As the age grows, the emotional excitement, the separation of frustration AnxietyEgo-Centric3 to the self-centered power struggle of 4 years old, the new fear 5 to 7 years old scans the feeling of compassion for others separation anxiety saves you
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