Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew shares emotional post about Carrie Fisher

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-02
Recently, Hugh and his wife Angie shared Fisher\'s memory with fans at the nerd comics conference in Dallas.
Actor Peter Mayhew, who plays Chewbacca in the film, published an article on New Year\'s Day, honoring his friend, the late Kelly Fisher.
\"With the passing of Carrie Fisher and her mother, our Star Wars family had a very difficult week.
We are sad.
For most of us, whether or not you meet her or not, we know her, and it\'s really sad.
But now it\'s the new year weekend and many of us will get together with \"our family\" and make a phone call in the new year.
If you\'re watching the show where we are and plan to stop by our table, we hope you know it\'s okay.
Tell Kelly, bring her up and share your condolences.
We are sad with you
Then, make a joke and be happy because that\'s what she wants us to do.
She is unique, the emotional roller coaster is the roller coaster we ride together.
The most important thing is that, like everything, Kylie Fisher is real.
\"May the Force be with you,\" he wrote . \".
Earlier in the weekend, Hugh and his wife went to Dallas for the nerdy New Year\'s Eve anime show.
On Wednesday, Fisher died while the organizers were preparing for the conference;
Prompted them to pay their respects at the last minute.
Meihu and his wife Angie told the audience that they were happy to share their long term memories with fanstime friend.
\"She is a princess,\" said Mayhew . \"
\"She was able to adapt to almost any situation and she did.
Mayhew tells the story of the first time he saw Carrie on the Star Wars set, and their years together.
When she remembered Fisher\'s first marriage to Peter, when she nervously interviewed her, Angie got the laughter of the crowd;
Finally got Fisher\'s blessing and friendship.
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