Changes caused by marijuana law may yet be down the road

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-08
You can buy marijuana legally today . . . . . . This may not be of interest to most of you.
If you have never smoked marijuana, or just tried it a few times, it seems unlikely that you will use it more simply because it is legal.
It is not particularly convenient to go to your corner shop to buy products.
In the province of SA, no stores opened today (
There are very few stores in other provinces for similar reasons)
This is not an impulsive purchase problem.
Saskatchewan, only 51 approved Saskatchewan retail outlets are operational, and whether the purchase of marijuana would be as convenient as the purchase of wine at 700 liquor stores or countless restaurants, bars or charities/money in the province of SA, this is very questionable --
Hold events, weddings or parties on special occasions.
Also, unless you really own your own house in the province of SA, or in a private home that others allow to use, you may have a hard time finding a glowing place.
If you own an apartment, it is up to the board of directors of the apartment.
If you are in an apartment, the landlord will decide that the two largest rental companies in the province are not allowed to do so either.
You can ship marijuana from the store to your home (up to 30 grams)
But even passengers are not allowed to smoke.
In Saskatchewan, outdoor community parks, sidewalks, nearby schools, playgrounds, daycare centers, cinemas and outdoor theaters are not allowed.
Use may be permitted around campers, tents or campfire in provincial parks, but this may also be subject to fire bans.
In other words, legal barriers may be removed, but these rules appear to be designed to prevent temporary users from encountering actual obstacles.
Of course, if you\'re already a medium-heavy marijuana user
There are estimated to be 4.
6 million Canadians often smoke marijuana when they are illegal
Your habits are unlikely to change due to such inconvenience.
Therefore, you will not change anything except that you no longer risk the criminal record of smoking.
That is to say, even if heavy users are accused of owning (
Separate from trafficking)
Has been steadily declining. Marijuana-
The number of related crimes has decreased significantly.
Canada 2016 cannabis
Related expenses decreased by 11% (
17 in SA province)
This is the fifth consecutive year of this downward trend.
Of course, the police will help to influence driving and will not be able to withstand any tests, and problems may arise, according to the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs (CACP).
Whether or not legalization will really lead to a significant increase in impairment remains a problem.
But if that is the case, even CACP admits that the harm of alcohol will dwarf the harm of cannabis, as alcohol will remain the root cause of various social diseases caused by abuse and addiction.
In addition, legalization should reduce the current cost of policing used for simple property enforcement, but in the long run, it should also reduce the huge police resources used to combat suppliers of organized crime.
It may not eliminate all illegal trafficking, but it changes the rules of the game.
Whether this makes the new law a good thing or not, there are also some shortcomings that justify the provincial government\'s prudent conduct.
A small and urgent question is how will this affect your ability to cross the USS. border —
This may be a big deal.
The big question, however, is how today\'s changes will affect our children.
Let\'s admit that children are relatively easy to get illegal marijuana before today if they want.
If you are under 19 now, it is still illegal to own and use.
However, the question of how cannabis use affects brain development remains.
This will be the first generation to think that cannabis is more socially acceptable because it is now as legal as alcohol, and it can be a challenge.
Maybe it\'s only time to tell us if this is a real problem.
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