Can you enjoy Avengers: Endgame if you haven’t seen any Marvel films?

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-28
The ending is after the official release, it feels like 23-year wait.
And it won\'t disappoint.
It\'s been a year since we last caught up with our strength, and for those who have followed the team since 08\'s Iron Man, you \'ve waited for your last great contribution.
To be fair, after its predecessor, Infinite War, was released last year, the film ended the infinite legend in Marvel\'s film industry.
Fans have been holding their breath waiting to see what happens to our favorite heroes, and even those who have never seen MCU movies before are wondering what is going on with all this.
But, that is, if you\'re new to the MCU, you\'re always shut out, and if you don\'t keep up with the speed of the top 21 movies, the ending will be hard to watch, but long story short, you will still like it.
Some cinemas have shown 21 films in the universe before. to-
For those who need review, but for those who don\'t have days, weeks, months to catch up with the background story, ending the game is definitely not a waste.
On the surface, the film is a pleasant and wonderful exploration of each character and their story arc.
You\'ll see their story reach its climax in battle with Thanos and seek to get everyone back, it\'s an amazing enjoyment
Because the beauty of this universe is that you will always take root for the Avengers.
This is the case.
The expansion of music is enough to know that a key scene is like this, the way the screenwriter manages to include the background story of the infinite war without retelling the story is a welcome help for all who don\'t know.
Keep this in mind, there are always moments when your movie audience will laugh at scenes that you don\'t find interesting.
If you \'ve seen the Incredible Hulk or Avengers: Civil War, is there a joke there?
Just lean on your partner and he has seen a lot and asked for a list to be provided later.
Giggling and moving on
Fortunately, we can safely say that you will not miss any obvious plot if you enter this fresh place.
But you look at this on the surface.
Scratch on the top soil.
It\'s not a movie where you can dig into the black widow\'s heart, or a movie that understands the real meaning that Captain America left behind in his 40 s.
So while a little reading of the outline of unlimited war won\'t go astray, you don\'t need to buy the catalogue on the back in large quantities.
But if you\'re looking for Easter eggs in the market and move on, kid-there\'s a lot of references to the last 21 movies, and if this is your first rodeo, you will miss all of this.
After the launch, search for social media, and it\'s clear that some of the most experienced viewers have a lot of questions about the character\'s weight-so virgins do a good job and really do a good job.
If you really want to get involved, give Captain America a chance, and maybe the OG epic of Avengers 2012.
Fortunately, if you don\'t want to be blind.
But know that you will still like this thing even if you don\'t see it for a minute. Trust us. We know. w.
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