Businesses join Africa\'s politicians to save the world\'s surviving elephants

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-22
A new coalition of political leaders and big businesses meets in the House of Lords to develop a strategy to combat elephant poaching in Africa.
The organization known as the giant club was founded by elephants.
With the support of Jefferies bank, protect the giant\'s charitable space as a forum for African politicians, executives with significant investments in Africa, leading public figures and wildlife activists.
There has not been such a wildlife-like organization that covers business and politics before.
Diplomats from Tanzania, Kenya and Gabon participated in the December 17 event.
Delegates from the mining industry include David Morgan, chairman of nordkin, Socrates vassirides, head of core mining, and Ian middernas, chairman of Equatorial Mining, Clive Newal, and President of First Quantum Minerals, Philippe Pascal chairman and Chairman, jefferies bank\'s global head of metals and mining, Peter Bacchus, joined the event with Will Greenwood, the England rugby player who won the World Cup.
Lord de Murray, deputy secretary of state of Parliament in charge of the natural environment and science, said: \"The elephant\'s plight is indeed devastating, and I hope that events like this can begin to have a significant impact.
\"Dr. Max Graham, CEO of giant space, said the presence of mining companies is particularly important because they have financial and corporate influence not only in Africa, but also in the Chinese market.
Most of the poached ivory is smuggled into Asia, especially in China, where demand for ivory products is growing
The expanding middle class continues to see them as ideal projects.
\"The industry leaders are at the interface between demand for Chinese goods and supply of African goods,\" said Dr. Graham . \".
\"We believe they can be agents of change in Asia in terms of demand for the wildlife segment.
\"The trade in ivory has increased dramatically over the past decade, and the number of wild elephants has also decreased dramatically.
About 100 elephants are now being hunted every day, and the death rate is much higher than the breeding rate.
One of the leading African countries in protecting elephants is Gabon, where President Ali Bongo ondinba has launched a series of conservation measures to protect the country\'s forest elephant population.
Dr. Graham will visit Gabon in the new year as part of a delegation to meet with the president to learn about further protection measures to protect this elephant submarine in the futurespecies.
Giant space is the recipient of 2013 Christmas event of the Independent.
Originally based in rakipiya, Kenya, the poaching rate has dropped by 80 in the areas it operates.
This is achieved through the planning of protected areas, access to political goodwill and good support
Train rangers on the ground directly against poachers.
Members of the giant club, including its members, promised to link political and business issues with conservation goals. www. spaceforgiants. org
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