Brad Hardie\'s Brownlow for sale

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-12
THE on-again, off-
The former AFL star Brad Hardy\'s 1985 Browlow medal was sold again.
Before planning an auction later this month, the medal will be advertised in major newspapers this weekend.
Rare sporting memorabilia are being sold to pay off debts owed by the bankrupt former South Fremantle, Brisbane and Western Bulldog.
Auctioneer Matt Donnelly said: \"I have signed a contract to auction the medal, which will take place on June 27 unless someone pays off the debt before that.
\"The Australian bankruptcy and trustee services company claimed ownership of the medal, but after Hardy confirmed that he had sold Brown low to longtime partner Brian Cleary a few years ago, the planned auction at the end of last year was
Brownlow then became the center of three cities
The fight between Mr Cleary, ITSA and Stephen Waring, which Stephen Waring also claims is a debt.
Hardy couldn\'t get in touch today, but he previously denied that he owed Mr. Waring money and said that he was not on the list of creditors for the bankrupt property.
The title dispute was resolved in Perth District Court earlier this year, when the auction was ordered to proceed, although Mr Cleary was identified as a legitimate owner.
Perth bailiff Ken Steer said the decision meant that any money above the value of the debt, which was considered to be about $30,000, would flow to Mr Cleary.
Donnelly says it\'s hard to value such important sporting memorabilia, but he expects it to be worth between $35,000 and $75,000.
He said some organizations, including the AFL Museum, showed interest in the auction.
Medals will be presented the day before the auction at East Perth auction house Garside and Webb.
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