Blind elephant connects with its new herd after being rescued from circus

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-24
This is a warm moment for the heart, and when this blind elephant is first welcomed into her new group, she will never forget.
In the uplifting footage, the rescued elephant can be seen vibrating low to let other elephants know she was there.
It wasn\'t long before the group noticed that they went over to check the new guy and lovingly stroked her with their case.
Currently, captured at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, this will be a great comfort to Ploy Thong, who has experienced years of discomfort before being rescued by staff at the Save Elephant Foundation.
It is estimated that the age of Ploy Thong is around 30 years old and his eyes are blind.
Previously, she had been carrying tourists in Pattaya, Thailand for 16 years, sniffing out her route with only her suitcase, while humans used her to ride around.
Before that, thongs trick in the circus.
The staff of the Save Elephant Foundation, while liberating the other elephant Bua Keaw, noticed the struggle of Ploy Thong and negotiated a path to freedom with her master.
She was then taken to Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park, where in February 3, 2018 she had an incredible first interaction with the new herd.
The staff at Elephant Nature Park said: \"We decided to save another elephant.
She was blind and transported tourists every day.
She carried her saddle early every day with her rider until the sun set.
While the tourist was riding on her back, she sniffed the road with her suitcase.
\"We saw her working on her journey to rescue Bua Keaw and started to discuss releasing her with the owner.
Her journey to freedom began. ’
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