Beatles for sale: Baby, you can buy my car number plate

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The car number plate, which once belonged to George Harrison, was originally sold in a free haircut and could sell for several thousand pounds at the auction.
The Kuomintang 499C was removed from Aston Martin DB5, the former owner of the late Beatles.
This is part of a rare Harrison souvenir collection for sale in Wiltshire
Professional guitar and music auction at Gardiner holulgate in June.
The Press Association reported that the guitarist, his sister and his sister also wrote a series of letters --in-
Law of auction.
It is believed that the license plate was removed from the car by a mechanic at Arnold G.
At the beginning of 1970, Wilson Limited was a distributor at Regent Street in Leeds.
When the car is repaired, it is one of two plates replaced by a new type of reflector.
The car tail plate was kept at the dealer for several years until a staff member sold it to a local barber who collected car memorabilia in exchange for a lifetime free haircut.
The number plate was then sold to collectors.
As we all know, the number plate in front has been hanging on the wall of cherry trees in a famous bar in Leeds for many years.
Harrison\'s 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was auctioned for £ 350,000 on 2011 to an anonymous Beatles fan from Houston, Texas.
The collection also includes a letter from Harrison to fans, written on the day the Beatles fourth release on 1963.
The letter was drafted by the title letterhead of the Beatles staying at the Bournemouth Palace Hotel, which revealed Harrison\'s B-side .
Over three pages, Harrison also explained that during the live performance, the band was annoyed by the jelly baby candy throwing, and drummer Ringo Starr was too scared, not even though Harrison and Paul McCartney offered to drum for him.
In addition to books and programs, the series includes letters from Harrison\'s sister, Louis Harrison, and his sister to Beatles fans --in-
Lawyer Irene Harrison
A private collector from Salisbury is selling George Harrison memorabilia to raise retirement funds.
Auctioneer Luke Booth said: \"This is a treasure trove of George Harrison memorabilia, including letters, shows and personal items.
\"I have never seen such a thing before.
We look forward to the strong attention of the international community, especially the United States.
\"It\'s hard to estimate what the license plate will sell because it\'s never sold before.
Since the car costs £ 350,000, it\'s easy to figure out four numbers.
\"The letter written by Bournemouth in 1963 was a close snapshot of the young Beatles, right on the verge of fame.
\"It could be as high as #10,000 to #20,000.
On last September, Gardner hurgate sold Maton Master Sound MS-of Harrison-
500 guitar 347,000.
The auction will be held on June 12 and 13 at the auction house in colsham, Wiltshire.
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