battle of trafalgar \'powder monkey\' medals go on sale

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The old boy who served in the Battle of Trafalgar and was promoted to the Royal Admiral was sold for 10,000.
George James perseva left Harrow School on August 1805 to join the Orion, just two months before the historic battle of Admiral Nelson\'s murder.
The young man is a \"powder monkey\" and his job at the height of the action is to run on the deck and transport gunpowder for the cannon.
George will play an important role in Orion forcing 74 people to surrender.
France\'s fearless at five o\'clock P. M. on October 21-
Just 30 minutes after Nelson died near victory.
Although George looks very young, he is in good health.
The connected father, Barron Aiden of Warwick, arranged for his son to join the Royal Navy through his friend Edward Coddington, the captain of the Orion.
George perseva\'s Navy General Service Medal Photo: George wrote to his parents during the Battle of Trafalgar, describing how he wanted to \"lick\" the French \", and tell how Nelson wants to \"lick them well \".
After the battle that led to the British victory, the young man wrote that if \"my head is not [knocked down] he would go home for Christmas dinnersic]in any action\".
George served in the Navy and was promoted to a naval officer. when he was 20 years old, he had become the captain of his ship \"hell.
Before he was promoted to the rear, he became a member of parliament in his 1830 s. Admiral, Vice-
The admiral, then the admiral on 1863.
During his career, he received a Navy General Service Medal, including one from Trafalgar.
He was also awarded the Trafalgar medal to Matthew Bolton, an outstanding industrialist at the behest of Queen Victoria, especially for the survivors of the fighting after many years.
The silver side is Nelson\'s bust image, and the other side is the scene of the battle.
The two medals have been passed through the Perceval family and are now sold by the auctioneer Brightwells, a lawyer representing the family heritage, here at leomminster.
The Trafalgar medal for George perseva, photo-produced by Matthew Bolton: brittwells/BNPS Keith Perry of brittwells, said: \"At that time, the Royal Navy pressed young men, but George perseva was only 11 years old, so he was young.
He was listed as a Navy volunteer.
He was allowed to leave the school, and his father had a naval relationship, which allowed him to negotiate a position for his son on the ship of cordonington.
\"You can\'t imagine something like this happening today.
\"George is a pink monkey in Trafalgar, running on the deck with gunpowder in his hand and a message from the captain.
The Napoleon Trafalgar medal is usually worth 8,000.
Not many of them left after 200.
They are sterling silver, so many of them are melted.
\"But George stood out in the process of becoming an Admiral, which made his medal very unique and we hope they will get more medals than that number.
\"The other three gassas on the General Service Medal were for action on 1809 near the northeast coast of Spain, capturing a French privateer in 1812, and the Battle of Algiers.
Perry added: \"The Matthew Bolton medal was launched in 1848 after Queen Victoria\'s throne.
She realized that the battle of Napoleon was not recognized.
Navy General Service Medal photo by George perseva: Brightwells/BNPS \"in order to get the medal, you have to be alive in 1848, when the average life expectancy of men was about 50 years old
\"In 2005, the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, southeast London, bought the letter file George wrote to his home.
He inherited his father, became Baron Ardon, and died in 1874 at Nork House in banster, Surrey, at the age of 80.
In addition to his two Trafalgar medals, an outstanding order and Military Cross, a relative of George served brilliantly in World War I, the medals and armies
Medals will be sold in March 16.
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