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by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-17
Dear Debbie, we live in the bungalow apartment community and plan to stay here after retirement.
Our master suite bathroom comes with a large Jacuzzi that we have never used before.
We\'re bathing people.
We plan to renovate and want to replace the bathtub with a shower.
Would you recommend different styles that are popular now? Thank you.
Miranda, the design of your house should be based on elements that match your lifestyle.
If you have a chance to renovate your bathroom then make it truly your bathroom.
Don\'t you take a shower? Forget the tub.
Then take the time to study all the styles and options that can make the shower experience safe and comfortable and look great.
The shower base will leave a footprint for your design.
There are a lot of choices and sizes suitable for size and space.
To be on the safe side, be sure to look for a non-slip surface.
Shower doors also have a wide variety of panel shapes.
They can be round, square, divided into parts.
All of this was made to install the shower base.
To learn how to design a shower that suits you from scratch, visit fleurco.
Com and click the \"build your shower\" button on the main page.
Move by step-by-
Step selection including base, door configuration, hardware and hinge finish, and glass type.
When it\'s done, it will provide a quote for your design.
As far as the trend is concerned, safety and comfort have received great attention.
Fleurco offers two shower bases with seats and storage, a practical and versatile design detail. A step-
Safety bar and built-in shower
The seat creates a safe and hassle-free shower experience for everyone.
The storage of the Urbana base with Titan doors shown in the photo faces outside the shower.
Complete your new shower design with a shower head and spray, from strong massage to rain soothing, which can be controlled for different purposes.
You can enjoy a refreshing spa experience every day.
Dear Debbie, we have just moved into the old house we love, but it is quite rough in shape.
The bathroom needs to be completely redone but now how do we make it funfriendly?
Janice and JamesDear J and J, starting with cleaning and bleaching all surfaces.
You might be surprised how bright the sink and tiles look after a good scrub.
Storage is very important in the family bathroom.
Everyone should have a small room.
Evaluate storage.
If there is a cabinet under the sink, remove the door and set up a shelf for the children\'s toiletries.
If there is a room, install a narrow locker on the wall next to the bathtub/shower.
Then cover several shelves in bright colors with high gloss white paint
I like red, blue and green best.
Floor mats and towels refresh the floor and walls.
Arrange the hooks so the kids can hang the towels easily. (
But this is helpful. )
If there is extra wall space, see if you can open up niches between wall nails for stacking soap, brushes and toys.
Lock any medicines and cleaning supplies up high and it\'s better to put them in another room.
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