As Potter tour expands, Warwick Davis reflects on playing goblin banker

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Warwick Davis said that as a non-
The healthy actor has prompted him to work harder in his career.
Despite trying to increase-
Screen diversity, the progress of the industry has been painfully slow.
While about 20% of adults have disabilities, studies of 900 films released between 2007 and 2016 show that there are only 2.
7% of the characters have a disability in the speaking part.
But Davis has a rare dwar Confucianism and started doing business at the age of 12, an exception to the rules, having performed in two of the world\'s most successful film companies. The 49-year-
He said he felt lucky. \"When someone says they grew up watching Star Wars, it\'s part of their lives, or Harry Potter is a special part of their childhood, I think of it every day.
\"I feel very lucky to be part of these two big movie series.
I don\'t have a day to talk about them in some way.
\"Wednesday was no exception, and the actor visited Warner Bros. Studio again to celebrate the expansion of the Harry Potter tour --
The first film was filmed there 18 years later.
Davis\'s role in Harry Potter is not one, but two, and the film is one of the most successful film series ever made in the world. Davis -
Who has a double-
Book as Professor Flitwick and goblin Griphook-
He said he had a soft spot for the employees of gulingge bank because \"bad guys are always more interesting \".
Four hours a day-
The chair prepared for the character became part of his performance process by installing a prosthetic mask, wig and contact lenses to completely change his appearance.
But what really made him feel this was part of the costume.
\"It\'s shoes for the ring.
You are familiar with wearing them, and when you wear these shoes, you become a character.
When I put on these shoes, I felt that I was ready.
\"But it\'s not always easy to look so different.
He explained: \"It was a strange experience to look in the mirror and not see yourself looking back.
Because you have contact lenses, you can\'t even see your eyes looking back at you.
Totally different people.
\"When people say, \'I didn\'t realize you played the loop,\' it was a compliment to me because obviously our fantasies have been successful.
He accepted the character, but admitted that he was not an actor with a method: \"When I was filming, I wouldn\'t walk around all day like a ring, I was the WO between the two scenes
\"But it\'s fun when you\'re making up --
People don\'t talk to you like this.
You\'re a little isolated on set.
\"There will be a lot of actors and staff in the studio, but I will sit in a chair and no one will talk to me because I look miserable even though I am not in it.
\"Although it\'s been a long time since shooting, it\'s behind the scenes. the-
The memory of the scene is still vivid. Make-
Up and prosthetic expert Sarita Allison describes 60 goblins and 140 make-up artists (
Two or three goblins each)
Sit down for lunch.
She recalled with enthusiasm: \"They wore formal shirts and cut the food into small pieces with small napkins, because false teeth and artificial limbs meant that they could not eat normally.
This is an image embedded in my mind.
\"This scene sounds like it\'s worth any Potter movie.
Author JK Rowling sometimes appears on the set, Davis says, but she explains that she has never been \"overbearing \"--
She did her job and allowed filmmakers to do their job.
\"For industries that embrace diversity --Davis says on-
Non-screen representation
The actors who are in good health are making progress. . . but slowly.
\"Although not as fast as we thought, I think it made me more tenacious as an actor,\" he explained.
I have more perseverance and determination because you have to fight harder in order to get these parts and be noticed.
\"I have my own afternoon quiz show, which is an acceptable proof.
I think we are making slow progress in this regard.
But what can be more diverse in the group of goblins ? \":
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