All the wellness trends from South by Southwest

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-08
South-Southwest music festival is currently in full swing in Austin, Texas.
Known as SXSW, it is the place where movies, music and media gather to hold large annual meetings.
One more and more popular thing is the Healthy World, which is increasingly keen to participate in the action.
The second SXSW Health Expo was held this weekend, from meditation workshops to various \"health circles.
Expo is a place where new, unusual health and lifestyle brands can try water here to see if their products or ideas will be the next big thing.
Here are some strange trends that have emerged this weekend that will soon dominate the welfare industry . . . . . . Yes, you read that the sound-proof box on the right is probably the next big thing in a healthy world.
People at SXSW can enter the vents, shout at whatever they want, express their emotions, and relieve any repressed energy.
Artist Huich In created the vent box In response to the social and racial injustice she saw, saying: \"vent is a liberation movement, free from the system of domination, freedom without restriction, freedom to be the one we really should be.
\"It\'s all about dealing with your emotions and giving yourself a safe place --expression.
The health fair is a good confirmation that CBD is a huge trend not to go anywhere.
This may not be the latest in the health industry, but SXSW is worth noting that there are so many ways it can be used-it\'s clear now that the CBD can basically inject anything.
From Cheekywell (CBD-
Injecting products for women)
Restart CBD (
Everything from local creams to food and even pet supplies)
At the expo, people are full of love for CBD.
You may be used to eating mushrooms, but what about mushrooms? Four Sigmatic wants you to start making mushrooms into hot chocolate, coffee and even lemonade.
They say mushrooms are rich in vitamins and minerals that can boost your energy and help reduce stress.
Don\'t worry if you\'re not a big fan of this vegetable-the company says it won\'t make everything taste like mushrooms.
Although Gwyneth Paltrow\'s health brand Goop doesn\'t have anything set up at the health fair, it seems to be trying to open its own off-site pop-
At the same time.
You can buy Goop in this place.
Recognized beauty products and fashion brands, and can participate in various sports courses and seminars.
One of the main attractions is aerial photography.
Moss\'s mood takes your picture and uses the bio-feedback technique, which \"we can read the magnetic fields from you and translate them into the color of your energy to visualize
\"We can see for sure that this will be something that everyone will soon want at a big party.
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