A Photo Album for Your Keychain

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-19
A pleasant aspect of a smartphone or PDA is its ability to store and display photos.
For the shrinking population without Kodak Smile G150 digital photo keychain.
The concept is simple: it\'s a small, thin key chain with 1. 5-
Inch diagonal LCD screen.
As always, you connect it to a Mac or PC using a USB cable;
The attached photo management software allows you to select the digital photos you want on your device and crop or straighten them as needed before downloading.
Smile\'s battery is said to last up to two hours between charging, and the device can hold up to 100 photos that can be displayed separately or in slides.
While the product has a Kodak name and unique yellow packaging, it is actually made for Sakar International using the Kodak name used under the license.
Those who know Kodak from the time Kodak dominated the consumer camera and film market will remember its admirable quality and attention to detail.
Unfortunately, a smile does not illustrate this practice.
For example, the manual calls the photo management software by one name, but the software that appears on the hard drive actually has another name.
When using a product on a Mac, the software is not automatically downloaded to the app folder, but must be placed there manually.
The software itself is not-intuitive.
Photos cannot be downloaded automatically from iPhoto, but must be pre-directed, which is not explained in the manual.
If you want to know which file format Smile supports, you can only find the answer in Appendix B: troubleshoot on the last page of the manual.
Once downloaded, the photos are bright and clear as long as you look directly at the photos.
Even if the LCD screen keeps smiling at the slightest angle, the image will disappear quickly.
To be fair, smiles in black, gray, red, blue and silver are about $20.
At this price, it is best to keep expectations low.
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