A Great Speaker Of Team Building

A Great Speaker Of Team Building


Last weekend, our team took part in a Two days and Two Nights training, for about how to be a great speaker. This training will help all of us improve eloquence and communication skills.

There are all kinds of colleagues with different personalities in our company, Emily is introverted and shy. She only likes to do things and doesn't like to talk. Bill is careless and careless. Daniel likes to talk and so on. We need some courses to improve our oral English ability and enhance the team cooperation ability, and the training of " Great Speaker " just meets the needs of our team.

1 What is the “ Great Speaker  ” about ?

Whether you are leading cadres, business people, enterprise managers, professional or technical people (lawyers, psychological consultants, accountants, etc.), educators, salespeople, newcomers, even students in school All need to speak in public, that is, speech. Conference speech, work report, marketing presentation, technical exchange, bidding presentation, financing roadshow, competitive interview You can't do without a speech.

When you are in front of the people or come to the stage, are you nervous, unclear and blank on stage? Do you know how to stand, walk, look or put your hands? Are you worried about the reaction of the audience? Can't interest the audience? Are you worried that you can't express yourself clearly and the audience can't understand what you are expressing?

It's all their fault:

1) Poor psychology:

Cognitive bias, lack of speech motivation, dealing with errands, tension on stage

2) Poor speech content:

The audience can't grasp the main points of the speech, they don't know where to speak, they can't remember the content

3) Poor body language:

Stiff body, lack of gesture and eye contact, improper dress

4) Poor interaction:

I can't read the audience's feedback, have no interaction with the audience, and don't know how to deal with difficult problems

5) Poor humor mode:

The content is stale and uninteresting, which can't arouse the interest of the audience

6) Poor intonation:

The voice is plain and emotionless, which can't resonate with the audience

2 Wonderful moment of training, see on picture.

3 Third place

There are 30 companies training together, and there had a speak competition at the end, Chris from our company wined the third place.


4 What we get from the training?

Through this training, our team cooperation is more harmonious and communication between colleagues is more smooth.


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