A Farewell to Mallrats

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-14
When I was a young girl scout, I took part in an annual event called \"crazy mall\" where dozens of local soldiers were locked overnightm.
This is the peak of my 12 years old. year-
Old social calendar, it\'s crazy if it\'s under fair control
The teenage girl was running in the mall, running through Spencer\'s gift, jumping on the orange Juli julius and too many chocolate;
Let them try to get into the hot topic for the first time without worrying about meeting the horrible, be-
It is a piercing high school student for daytime residents;
Buy cd and T-
Slogans on shirts and key chains and other serious, embarrassing expressions of identity.
The shopping mall experience is not very dynamic today.
I went to a mall in Maryland a few months ago because there was an Old Navy and an Olive Garden and I wanted to buy my pants and eat pasta by myself.
I have achieved these two goals (
It was a great afternoon)
But the mall itself
The space between the shops, there are often kiosks-
Very desolate.
I am often the only target for sellers to actively sell their goods, and when I see others roaming in the hall, we look at each other like travelers passing through the desolate road.
I can\'t lie to you about the wind rolling away, but it\'s dusty inside.
Recommendation: what ISIS has really wanted since 2010, more than 20 shopping malls have closed down.
The situation is worse in other shopping centers.
On Wednesday, a judge in Oakland County, Michigan, approved the closure of the owner of the North Country center mall outside Detroit. (
My shopping center is the center of south China, only 30-
Minutes drive. )
According to Detroit Liberty Press, one of the oldest suburban shopping centers in the United States, Northland Mall has been open since 1954.
But according to free media reports, the company is losing about $250,000 a month, while also losing some large stores, such as Target and Macy\'s.
Why is the gap between workers\' wages and productivity so big and why are developers still expanding?
Even if there is debt, the university still pays for the North Center --
According to a statement sent to me by Green Street consultants, more than 20 closed shopping malls have been closed since 2010
Real estate analytics
Recommendation: The overall landscape of the love master is uneven. Higher-
The sales of terminal stores are very good.
According to the 2015 \"U. S.
Lower Outlook \"report at the same time-
Terminal shopping centers are unlikely to see growth.
The report attributed this to the growing divergence between \"high and low income earners\" and predicted many low income earners
The grade shopping mall will be dark. ” (
Green Street rated the mall on several factors, including the quality of the tenants, local competition, and economic and demographic conditions. )
It is easy to blame the internet because we like it very much.
According to an article in The New York Times last month, while the Green Street report points out that the rise of online shopping is definitely a factor, the bigger problem is that online shopping is excessive
There is not enough shop to fill in the supply of retail space.
As a result, the vacancy rate in the mall has risen, the Times reported: it is suggested that $0. 35 billion may not be enough to save about 80% of the country\'s 1,200 stores that are considered healthy, report the vacancy rate of 10% or less.
But according to CoStar Group, a leading data provider in the real estate industry, this is compared to 94% in 2006.
From 15% in 2006 to 40%, nearly 5% were vacant. And 3. 4 percent—
Represents over 30 million square feet
More than 40% is empty.
With the development of shopping centers, the culture of mallrat is also changing (
Maybe some exaggeration)
Crazy Shopping Center
An iconic scene in Mean Girls (
With the immortal line \"Get on the bus, loser, we go shopping\" as the title)
Describe the shopping center as a \"puddle\" for high school students \".
A 1985 study supports the view that shopping centers are the \"third place\" for teenagers, a \"breathing place on a treadmill between home and school, enjoying social life
About half of the Los Angeles teenagers surveyed said they went shopping at the mall;
Other people come to see friends, play video games, eat, people-
Watch, the date of the troll, and-
The most teenage answer-
\"Just want to do something.
The shopping center is the \"third place\" for teenagers and is a breathing room for treadmills between families and schools.
\"That\'s my memory of the mall, it\'s a aimless hangout and talking place with enough distractions to make you look like you\'re\" doing something \".
But now there are fewer teenagers going to the mall.
According to Quartz, this is about 30% less than 10 years ago.
They seem to be going to the restaurant, which is also a great place to hang out, I think.
Recommendation: why is it difficult to stop the spread of ISIS, for a while, there is reason to argue that hanging out in the mall is a good way for children to jump on the consumerism train very early, the range of identities sold was comforting. (
I know that stores and what they sell are often fixed and it\'s not so good
Identity, but they are, in the embarrassment of adolescence, you sometimes have to work with what you get. )
Maybe today you will enter the shadow of Cologne.
Hollister\'s soaked maze, maybe you\'ll be there tomorrow (also fragrance-drenched)Hot Topic.
Or maybe you just sit in the food court and have soft pretzels with your friends thanks for the time and space away from the stress of growing up.
This article was originally published in season 3 of House of Cards: Carnival Review (Episodes 1-13)
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