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Last update: On February 8, get back lost customers and let them buy again, which can improve your sales very well.
Sometimes it\'s very simple even if you haven\'t heard from them for months or years.
To get those lost customers to buy again, there are six things you can do.
Do you want to make more money from your small business?
Do you want you to have a way to increase sales and profits without a significant increase in advertising costs?
If you have been doing business for at least a few years, the way to achieve your wishes may be right in front of you.
That\'s why: If you\'re like many businesses, you might be sitting on a gold mine that you can\'t see.
The gold mine consists of lost and inactive customers and prospects who have been downgraded to file cabinets, archived emails, or simply ignored in the database.
They may be customers who have purchased a single purchase in the past, or they may have placed multiple orders, but they have not placed orders recently.
They may also be unhappy with their purchase for some reason, do not like your sales staff, or decide for some reason to try customers from different suppliers.
They may also be potential customers that your sales team has spoken to you once or twice but never followed up.
Alternatively, they may be individual purchasing agents or buyers who used to buy from you that companies no longer work.
Many of these lost and inactive customers may still need what you sell and are willing to do business with you again.
Depending on what you sell, you may lose thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars a year for ignoring them.
Don\'t let those sales go to other companies.
Increase your profit by following these steps to get back lost customers and prospects again.
If your customer is recorded in the database, ask your programmer to search and show you all the customers who did not purchase last year.
Make sure the printed list includes some indication of how much each customer has purchased in the past.
If your records are on paper, go through the inactive files and compile the list this way.
Send coupons or other promotional emails on postcards to all previous customers and lost potential customers.
Doing so can accomplish two things: it will remind past customers who received the mail of your products, if you send postcards via first class mail, which is no longer at the address you have on file, the post office either forwards the mail to the new address (
If within the allowed forwarding time)
Or give it back to you.
When you receive a reply email, you can look up the company on the internet to see if they are still in business and if they are still in business, call them for updated contact information.
While sending postcards is more time-consuming than emailing previous customers, postcards offer the advantage of actually reminding customers of your business, and notify you by return when no mail is received.
These people will place the most profitable orders with you.
They may place large orders each year, or they may place a series of small orders during the year, which add up to a considerable amount each year.
While the purpose of your call is ultimately to bring in more business, you should try to find out why they stopped buying before you ask the company to buy from you again.
Common reasons include: if the business is lost because the customer is not satisfied with your company, please explain what changes have taken place (If so
Ask what you can do to win back their business.
If a business loss is caused by a change in contact details, please ask for a new contact details and update your records.
Sometimes companies need to change.
The company that ordered 300 keychain LED flashlights from you two years ago may want 500 flashdrives to be displayed at the show this year, but may not know if you can provide them.
Alternatively, they may need to be 10 times the number of products they ordered in the past and may be concerned that you will not be able to support their new quantity requirements.
Once you know why a former customer or prospect has not purchased, determine the best way to ask about their business.
For example, if they have a problem with the product and have made changes to resolve the issue, please let them know and send them free samples if feasible.
If they change suppliers, there is no reason for you to ask what they need to take back their business.
If another supplier has lowered your price, ask them if they are getting the same level of service you offer.
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