5 Pieces of Star Wars Technology That Exist Right Now

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-29
In order to avoid disappointment in the future, let\'s get rid of this situation immediately: No, science has not yet created a lightsaber (goddammit).
But, as we have already done, scientists are doing their absolute most nerdy things every day to make reality come true, even though nothing in the film is created with realism.
The generation of scientists and engineers who grew up with the trilogy has already given us. . .
There are two things around the motorcycle scene: first, all it takes to defeat the trained soldiers of the evil empire is some conveniently placed trees and some furry dwarfs.
Second, it\'s not just the underwear section in the mother Sears catalogue that causes a sense of confusion in your underwear.
The head of a company called Mark DeRoche is clearly a big fan of the scene.
But unlike most of us who spent years cycling between trees and making swshy sounds with their mouths, DeRoche actually has enough money: Yes, it\'s not Photoshop-
His company is perfecting a \"low
The altitude tandem pipeline aircraft \"will definitely make every nerd scramble to auction his NIB action Atlas for cash.
When you see the Aerofex hover bike running, it\'s easy to understand why DeRoche says it\'s \"probably a tribute to the George Lucas team\": Well, you\'re ready to accept this bad
It will take a while for you to go to the dealer to buy one.
The current price is between $50,000 and $100,000 and the target market is \"agriculture, search and rescue, border control and Transportation \". . .
Inland Australia, East Africa, a doctor who shuttled between villages, \"The odds of meeting these bad boys in our daily lives don\'t look too good.
Nevertheless, we will seize the faint hope and hold it in the hands of death ---
Because at the same time to meet the potential rewards of our childhood Skywalker fantasies and present --
The \"hassle-free commute\" fantasy of the day is fantastic and can\'t make the dream so easy to die.
Now, if science can come up with a laser cannon, where we can make it into a real movie with tape --authentic . . .
Laser attacks must be the biggest technical disappointment.
For half a century,
Fi tells us that in the future, the gun will emit glowing energy, which may blow everything out in our way.
2013: We think we will live in a complete laser
So far, they are just the key way of life. chain-
The size of the cat tormenters.
How will we blow the fighter out of the sky with that s ** t?
The army is like this.
What does this look like when all empires are on a passing drone: Yes: AmericaS.
The Navy has tested a warship.
Laser Cannon (
Official and Uber creatively named the laser weapon system law)
And successfully use it to destroy drones and smaller ships that cost only a small amount of money each time (
It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch missiles. .
The first of these laser weapons will be deployed on the \"cat\" in early 2014, after which they may start to stick them to everything because.
Sadly, there is no accompanying \"pew-
Unlike in the movie, this weapon does not emit visible lasers --turd that a 10-year-
The old skipping rope can effectively Dodge (
Because in real life, light travels at the speed of light).
But to give you a better idea of what happened before the drone caught fire, here are the scenarios described using Post-90 s latest PC game technology: in addition to the \"go straight to David Jones locker\" setting, it is reported that the laser gun will also have a \"\" setting and we think it will still kill you like dead, but it will be like C. 3PO: Great.
The Empire sent a probe robot to Hoth to search for rebel scum on a cold planet.
The drone is able to float independently on the surface of the planet and scan life while observing all the creepy insectslike.
Develop our own reality
In the world, we first need a drone that can see the kind of hover motion in the movie.
MLB handled this part when developing an unmanned aerial vehicle called \"long endurance VTOL design\", which can use 5-
A pound load of 10 hours.
It\'s cool, but DARPA took a look and didn\'t feel cool enough (
The concepts of \"cool\" and \"terrible\" are somewhat mixed for DARPA).
They know V-
What Bat really needs is ability.
Oh, and an arm with claws.
This special V-
Bats are hovering hard-to-
Arrival location and delivery of \"payload \"--
There is no specific description of what the payload is, but we assume it does not throw the pie.
As you can see in this video, it has worked well: using its \"visual camera\"
Bats can successfully judge the distance, proximity, hold the payload, and retreat of the target ---
There is no human direction.
When they use a static target in the demo (a ladder)
You know it\'s only a matter of time before they train it to track moving targets (read: humans)
Grab them with its eccentric robotic claws.
Since it is completely autonomous, it can do so without any operator input, except for the cry of \"that guy! Sic him!
\"It may not be the power you dream of performing on accounting Dave choking, but hey, robot choking is almost as good, right? 2\"Remotes\" (
Miniature hover robot
In, not something you use to mute your Holographic Space TV, they are spherical robots that are needed to float on a spaceship for any mission: repair, carry equipment, Scout. . .
Basically, they are the stewards of football. That float.
After seeing them in the movie, Science decided to continue to modify some of their own remote controls.
By the way, we were very serious there. -
On the first day of class on 2000, MIT engineering professor David Miller showed his students the scene of Luke training with a remote control and said, \"I want you to build some for me.
\"With the support of NASA and the Department of Defense, they have done that. (
Synchronous Position Hold, Engage, relocate, experimental satellite)
Designed to perform general tasks in zero
Gravity environment, they will exist as agents of mission control agencies on spacecraft ---
In order to carry out maintenance checks, while astronauts are sleeping, they will crawl and look at them and basically do whatever else eggheads in the ground control system tell them to do.
Today, there are three cute little robots on the International Space Station (
Red, blue and yellow in case you want to know).
Sadly none of these early models were equipped with lasers, but they were indeed equipped with tiny gas cylinders and extremely complex algorithms, enable them to efficiently navigate the hands of ol in a weightless environment-
Free juggling: a feeling prosthetic leg. we know we covered Luke\'s bionic hand.
However, while some decisions have indeed been made in the field of artificial limbs --
In the past few years, the after-sales market has been lacking a special field.
Take a look at this clip and see if you can find out what might be: after the new hand robot gives Luke a new hand in the movie, it tests it by stabbing it in a few places, luke felt the sting.
In robot technology, no more amazing progress can replace this touch, just think about how important it is: if you have no way to distinguish between the pressure applied when removing the lugs nut and the pressure \"pull the lugs nut\", if you know what we mean, you will fall into an injured World
But DARPA took some time from bringing us death and destruction in a new and zany way to create a prosthetic interface.
What is this black magic?
DARPA\'s reliable nervous system
Interface Technology Program (
Or, because even though it\'s pretty amazing, DARPA still doesn\'t know how the initial acronyms word works)
Has been busy studying how to plug the prosthetic interface directly into the recipient\'s nerves to \"control the prosthesis and provide direct sensory feedback \".
\"In other words, the way he controls the prosthesis is exactly the same as the way he controls his old arm, unconscious --Old-Fashioned Meatand-bone model --
This is not-
Because the interface also made him feel this way.
Although the technology is obviously not perfect. -
For example, in a video presentation, we\'re pretty sure his beard is more than the latte captured by his mouth ---
In his mouth-this is meticulous enough for the wearer to snap a stripper out of the air:
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