5 People Who Failed Their Way to Fame And Fortune

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-08
Society is mainly failure.
For every LeBron James, there are thousands of people who believe that they will be great if they can put this dribble down.
Few of us will make money by doing what we like.
But you have people who have managed to sneak into the back door.
These people have failed, and they have failed so much that their failures have become a source of entertainment for millions of people. . .
They cashed it accordingly.
William Hong is very much like spandex.
By showing talented singers and train wrecks, the average ass looks great, and the horrible ass looks more terrible than it is now.
William Hong is in the category of \"terrible ass\" for contestants.
Hong originally appeared on the show as one of the jokes auditions that soccer moms laughed at over the next few days, and then forever forgot.
There is a good reason: his performance is so bad that it is frustrating.
If you don\'t watch the video, imagine that every Asian stereotype you \'ve heard is gathered in one place to sing Ricky Martin\'s song.
That\'s Hong Weilian.
Naturally he was kicked out of the show and most people thought it was the last time they heard him.
They were wrong.
William Hong\'s positive attitude and off-
The key war struck a chord.
Within a few days, a William Hungary appeared and recorded the first week of its launch.
Hung was booked for several talk shows and pirated William Hung t-
Shirts are everywhere online.
Soon after, he dropped out of Berkeley and started a full game.
Thousands of talented, unsigned musicians quietly drank themselves.
His first album consists mainly of covers, sold more than 195,000, and ranked first on the Billboard Independent Album Chart.
Hung has released three albums so far, and if there is any indication on the album cover, he will take it very seriously.
Many people think Amanda mcketrick rosamanda mcketrick Ross is one of them.
How do you get such an honor?
You can make money by opening your novel in such a sentence. . .
Amanda mcketrick Ross absolutely refuses to describe anything in an easy-to-understand wayby-
Any way.
On the contrary, \"Needlework\" is \"using the best steel product, and its blunt edges gaze at the reely covering with obvious greed and provide sharpness to the flawless linen fabric
The eyes are \"perforated beads \";
The leg is \"bone support \";
People do not blush, they are \"moved by the confused hot hands \";
The breast is a sphere full of lactose and fun \".
\"We may be one of them.
The Phantom image of Amanda mcketrick Ross\'s older female image reflects that she is probably the least understood and therefore the most regrettable scribe (
This old woman is very bad at writing).
Oh, the above sentence about Irene\'s plot?
Clearly, this is related to the western border of Ireland.
But you already know, right?
In their right mind, no publisher would come into contact with Rose\'s first novel, so her husband gave it to his technically challenged wife as a 10-year wedding present.
It is destined to wither in obscurity like 99% of the self
The published novel did so before someone sent a copy of the book to humorous writer Barry Pain, who in 1898 of the comments called \"What happened in millions of years \".
She quickly formed followers among other writers. C. S. Lewis and J. R. R.
Tolkien often wants to see who can read her work the longest without laughing.
Mark Twain is called \"one of the greatest inadvertent funny novels of all time\", which is a statement that we may serve as the basis for an article in the near future.
What\'s even more impressive is that Ros managed to turn this notoriety into a career, eventually earning enough cash to buy a house she called \"Iddesleigh\" as a critic
Until today, the first generation of books is still on sale, and anyone\'s chance to buy any of your own copies of a dime
A robot-based romantic novel was released on Amazon.
Com is still very slim.
Edwards wants to go to 1988 Winter Olympics and compete as a ski athlete.
There are a few obvious problems with this.
He\'s about 20.
His weight is heavier than the average ski jumper, he doesn\'t have a sponsor and his coach speaks a language he doesn\'t understand.
But sometimes you just say, \"I\'m going to the Olympics anyway . \"
\"Like any good nickname, Eddie Edwards passed no.
Like an Eagle.
Aside from a slack mid section, making sure he doesn\'t soar like an eagle, it\'s more like a fat kid pushing from the bed where he just hit a potholes moving truck, and Eddie has poor eyesight.
When competing in skill competitions, both are huge disadvantages, but a rule that states that each country can send at least one representative to the Olympics gives the eagle a clear path to the glory of the Olympics.
Because most Brits were more concerned about football and the worship of George Michael at the time, Eddie was recognized.
Naturally, he\'s too bad.
Eddie \"Eagle\" Edwards was the last in every game he played.
Eagle Eddie didn\'t leave Calgary with any medals, but because of his stupid character and almost crazy background stories, he did come to a tabloid for $65,000, tell the tabloids about his life, more than any other ski jumper can say.
His brief moments in the spotlight also inexplicably led to a second hit, \"menemi en ETU \"(
\"My name is Eddie \"), in Finland.
Do you know who did not hit second place in Finland?
Gold medalist.
Even the president of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, announced at the closing ceremony \"[At Calgary]
People set new goals and set new world records. some people even fly like eagles.
\"Then, the IOC quickly set a rule that you must enter the first half of the international event to qualify for the Olympics, thus ensuring that nothing terrible will happen again at the Olympics.
Foster Jenkins is a very bad opera singer.
Seriously, you guys. So bad.
If you don\'t watch the video, imagine Ashley Simpson skipping the rope while singing the opera
Adjust the equipment to make things more uncoordinated than they are now.
As a late nineteenth century youth, Jenkins inherited from anyone who unfortunately heard her sing, including her father.
But while most young women resist their father by having a lot of sex with annoying guys, Jenkins chooses to use the big legacy his father has left her for a career in music.
Despite her incompetence
Jenkins\'s performance was always pleasant, just not as pleasant as she hoped.
Florence is entertained by songs.
However, her audience is a comedy of no intention.
The audience usually ends with laughter and remains silent.
Tell me what you think about the age of gold plating, but they are really polite (
Contempt for Chinese immigrants)back then.
As time went by, people flocked to see Jenkins\'s special brand, \"scary. \"
Whenever the laughter gets too loud or too mean, she treats it as a grudge against people who aren\'t that talented.
She is a great singer in Jenkins\'s opinion.
The highlight of her career was her first and only performance at Carnegie Hall in 1944.
The show was sold out. In fact, the scalpers sold tickets at an amazing price.
The music is sold out, the venue is sold out, and the yellow bull party is going to be expensive?
Sounds like an eagle concert! But we digress.
Jenkins died a month after Carnegie performed.
Not too bad for the press shaft.
Oh, if you haven\'t found it inappropriate yet, her recording is that she wrote three plays about her and she even had one.
OK, maybe the last one isn\'t that impressive, but it\'s not bad for a girl who once said to a friend, \"Some people might say I can\'t sing, but no one can say I did not sing.
\"If other people on this list meet filmmaker Ed Wood in the afterlife, they will immediately bow to him and become their king.
We think you \'ve heard countless people say it\'s the worst movie ever.
But if you haven\'t actually seen the film yet, but only the clips of the film, or only Tim Burton\'s film about Wood, you really should take the time to see the whole thing.
It will make you want to go out and create something.
It is impossible to know how many aspiring filmmakers, novelist, or artists have completed a project purely based on \"I can do better.
\"Really, everything you need to know about how bad the Ed Wood movie is can be summed up in this man\'s own words.
Although we should admit the fact that the star (Bela Legosi)
Died after shooting a few scenes and they just got another man standing inside (
Strategically covering his face over a period of time).
Like many far-sighted people, Wood won\'t really be recognized until he dies.
Two years later, Wood was named \"the worst director\" in a book called \"the worst director ever \".
This brief moment of ridicule led to the worship of Ed Wood, which would make L.
Ron Hubbard is jealous.
May bring some kind of lawsuit).
We bet you can\'t find a video store with DVD on the shelf right now (and ).
Today, mourning for Ed Wood is everywhere.
The University of Southern California gives students a theme every year and is responsible for making an Ed Wood-style film around the theme. Unofficial (Meaning of composition)
It is estimated that the production cost of all these films is within the range of $11.
There is also a legally recognized Ed Wood religion, full of holidays (
Forget the way we present at Woodmas on October 10)
And declaration (Wood Kamph).
In 2001, rock singer and franchise revival Rob Zombie named his sophomore album after an Ed Wood film of the same name.
But the biggest tribute to Wood was in the Tim Burton film of 1994.
Johnny Depp plays Ed Wood, and Martin Lando won an Oscar for playing Bella Lugosi.
Yes, 16 years after his death, they made a film about his horror film and received an award.
To be sure, in the process of making some of the worst movies, Ed Wood has brought more joy to more than 99% artists who have lived.
If that doesn\'t motivate you, you\'re dead inside.
Someone bought us a camera and some wheel covers right away!
We have work to do!
Bcaps, fast! We have work to do!
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