21 Savage Releases \"I Am > I Was\" Merch

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-14
21 Savage played with fans Thursday as they waited for his upcoming sophomore album. The hip-
The Hop community is anxiously knocking on their feet, hoping for the mystery of the 21-year-old \"12-7-
This tweet points to disclosure.
After laughing, the rapper announced the actual release date was December. 21.
However, Savage did give his audience something to ease their excitement, the real moneymaker --album merch.
On Friday, Epic Records posted a link to a 21 site on Twitter, where I was a group of merchandise stores --
Can only be used for a limited period of time. ?
Exclusive @ 21 Savage me> I \'ve been out for a limited amount of time now? pic. twitter.
Link brings you the 21 st century goth-
Stylish website, very popular, where all merch can be found.
There are two t-
Shirt, one of which has a face full of 21 on the front, a smooth black pilot jacket, skateboard, slide (
Very comfortable looking af)
A bloody heart keychain, a snapshot, etc.
Issarapper is even selling his digital album as well as a vinyl copy of his sophomore project.
All items will be shipped in the week of January.
Give Fans enough time to binge
Listen to this album before putting on their new gear.
The digital album will be sent by email on December 21, which means it is unlikely that Savage will once again ring the alarm to his fans.
Is Savage poking fun at some new music? @21savage pic. twitter.
Com/XehXQ6oDY2The item will be available only by Friday, December.
On the website of 21 Savage
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