20,000 elephants a year are killed for their ivory. The UK has had enough

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-24
This week, with the British ivory bill passed in parliament, it marks an important moment in the fight to protect elephants-eventually making it illegal to buy and sell most ivory products in the UK.
The bill will be approved by the crown and become law within a few days.
The UK ivory ban is a huge step forward in elephant protection, as poaching is driven by consumer demand for ivory, which many unfortunately think is a status symbol.
Their ivory.
In Africa, 55 elephants are poached every day, about every 26 minutes.
Many people are often surprised to hear that it was perfectly legal to buy and sell antique ivory products in Britain before (i. e.
Carved works before date1947).
However, it is difficult to regulate the legitimate ivory trade, because it is not always easy to distinguish between old ivory and newer illegal items, and it is often used as a smoke curtain for illegal trafficking.
This has allowed the illegal ivory trade to flourish in the UK, helping thousands of elephants continue to be slaughtered by completely stopping ivory sales, and we are closing another ivory market, and protect the lives of these spectacular animals for future generations.
The bill will be one of the world\'s toughest ivory bans and has been backed by environment minister Michael Gove from the start.
Similar to the ban imposed by China and the United States, British lawmakers have ensured that the British ivory bill only allows certain narrow
For items that are not considered to be the cause of elephant poaching, such as musical instruments, rare and important items of more than 100 years of history, trade between antique miniatures and museums, exemptions are provided.
It took us a while to get here, though.
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
Has been campaigning for a ban on ivory sales in Britainto-
With other non-shoulder
Government organization (NGOs)
Many years.
This is the result of hard work, incredible political support, and above all the support of the British public.
It was because their attitude towards Ivory had changed that Britain was able to impose such a severe ivory ban.
In 2017, IFAW conducted a survey with YouGov showing that 95% of people in the UK do not want to buy antique ivory.
Britain is a country that loves animals, and over the past few years the British public has become more aware of the ivory in their homes, the things or trinkets they buy in stores, or means that elephants have to die, either shot brutally or poisoned by ivory.
In fact, in the past few months, IFAW has received hundreds of pieces of ivory as part of an organized surrender;
From jewelry and carving to 40 kg of ivory weighing 9ft (88. 2lb).
Everyone wants to help protect elephants and end the ivory trade by taking their ivory from the market and not using it anymore.
A total of nearly 500 kg items (1,102lb)in weight.
But the battle to save the elephant is not over yet.
While this is a step in the right direction, elephants are still poached for ivory.
It is estimated that the number of African savanna elephants reached 352,271 after the last time, but this figure may actually be lower.
It also shows that between 2007 and 30%, the number of elephants dropped by 2014 in just seven years.
Now that we have a UK ivory ban, we want to lead by example-as a matter of urgency, this will be a key step towards ending the global ivory trade.
But now, we will celebrate the very special Christmas gifts that elephants and IFAW will never forget. get.
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