10 Secret Santa Gifts for Less Than $15

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-17
When it comes to giving gifts, they say that the important thing is thinking.
But what should you think when you hardly know this person?
This is the challenge you face in Secret Santa communication, which often happens in a working environment where you may not know much about the recipient.
Also, the limit for most exchanges is only $10 or $15, which allows you not to spend too much, but also puts you in the trap of buying bad, cheap gifts.
No one wants to be labeled \"bad gift.
\"So here are some of the necessary --
There is a gift for less than $15.
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For most adults, Santa\'s secret gift is a bottle of wine and we can\'t argue about it: it\'s easy to find a good bottle for less than $10 unless you work with a wine connoisseur, otherwise your recipient will most likely like it like a more expensive bottle.
But why not break the mold and drink beer instead?
Although you can get a six
Package decent beer for $ months or less, you can also consider making a 750 ml bottle-a higher bottle of wine of the same sizeend beer.
We personally like Belgian beer: for example, Chimay produces some great Belgian Trappist beer, usually $10 or less.
There is also a dark strong beer produced in Belgium, Delirium turnum, and the monastery tripel La Fin Du Monde produced by the Canadian brewery, Unibroue.
Jason Notte, a street beer expert.
Recently, if you really want to know what\'s good about this season, pick out 10 great holiday beers.
Image source: star5112 do your intended recipients prefer doping to inhibitors?
While a gift card to go to Starbucks or Dunkin\' Donuts will work, you can also have your recipients make their own coffee at home.
1-per coffee shop-
A bag of heavy ground coffee, Dunkin Donuts for about $9 and Starbucks for $13$15 range.
If your caffeine lover uses the Keurig machine, you will also be covered there.
Dunkin\' Donuts for 14-packs of K-
About $11 Cup.
99, you can buy the Starbucks brand K-
Cups from supermarkets and other large retailers;
Amazon sells a variety of options.
Photo source: dunkindonuts.
ComWe can\'t recommend you to combine home dressing with drinking.
But if your recipient likes to hammer and hammer at the same time, this is more
The multi-purpose tool is perfect from ThinkGeek.
It works as a fully functional hammer, but you can remove the top from the beer bottle with a bottle opener instead of the claws used to pull out the wrong nail.
We can\'t imagine it being the main hammer or main bottle opener for anyone, but it\'s good for laughing and we\'re sure at some point, your recipient will eventually use it for one of its intended uses.
It can be bought for $8.
99, the freight will increase by about $5.
Photo: Think Geek.
For people who don\'t want to spend two hours playing a spelling game, combanagrams is like a spelling game.
Or, it\'s like a spelling game for people who really like bananas.
The game appears in the form of bananas-
A shape pack full of letter tiles, players race to use all their tiles to build words, while others do the same.
Personally, I can never get the hang of it, but replay is valuable and can make the party fun after all the gifts are opened.
You can buy it on Amazon for $15.
Photo source: Amazon. comBeef jerky (
And its healthier cousin turkey jerky)
Make a great snack whether you\'re on a hike or just need proteinrich pick-me-At your desk.
But it could also be very expensive-we have seen 1. 5-oz.
In our local supermarket, Jack Link\'s brand beef jerky costs $6.
Why not do it yourself? Amazon. Com has a dried meat-
Make a kit with \"beef jerky gun\", spices, curing bags and special accessories to let you decide whether to make a beef jerky or a stick (
Fans of Jim).
Meat is not included, but it is clear that a pound of ground meat will produce half
There was a pound of beef jerky in less than four hours.
The product has been well received by Amazon users for only $15.
Photo source: Amazon.
ComOK, so Slap Chop-a small plastic machine that helps you chop vegetables and nuts with simple slmotion actions-is not actually well evaluated, amazon users slammed it for its poor quality and dull blades.
To be honest, it is mainly known for its ridiculous advertising.
But on your exchange, it becomes an interesting gift, and maybe your recipient can chop up a few cloves of garlic with it before he or she gets bored.
On Amazon, it only costs less than $12.
Image source: vxlaYou can always make brownies or cupcakes for your recipients, but keep in mind that at this time of year people are already drowning in baked goods, fruit cakes and other snacks so, before the recipient has a chance to eat, your candy may be lost and bad in the shuffle.
So, why not give your recipient the ingredients and let them bake when needed?
Buy a big one, good one-
Look for the jar and fill it up with the dry ingredients of your favorite cupcake or brownie recipe;
Stick the recipe itself on the outside of the jar and state how many eggs and butter to add to each cup of mixture;
Put a bow on it
Photo source: norwichnutsYou took the name from the hat and your target recipient is a gentleman dressed in fashion who likes pop culture.
Solution: head to Amazon and browse its cufflinks selection, designed to include the logo of Batman and Superman.
If your gift is an Apple fan, you can even get cufflinks that look like a small iphone.
Free shipping for $10 or $11 per pair of cufflinks.
Photo source: Amazon.
ComYou can always make tea with ready-made tea
Made Lipton or Earl\'s tea bags, but real tea fans would want to mix loose tea leaves together, what better way to steep these leaves than having a little green dinosaur on the chain?
Just take off the head of this dinosaur, fill it with your favorite tea leaves, and summarize it to satisfy your heart.
The price on Amazon is less than $10, although as of the time of writing, there are only a few left in stock;
If Amazon sells out, it\'s Freden.
Com shipped them for $14.
If you don\'t think the dinosaurs will be hit a lot, other options include robots and yellow submarines.
As cloud computing becomes more and more popular, the need to carry removable storage and memory sticks is not that big.
But for those who never have enough memory, the USB memory stick will not go wrong.
E-retailer NewEgg.
Com has many USB flash drives for less than $10 including these 8-
For $7 gigabyte models only. 99.
If your recipient just gets a Nook Tablet and wants a little extra memory, a MicroSD memory card can also cost less than $10.
Photo credit: molotalk if you say your boss\'s name in Secret Santa-or if you just want to express your gratitude-then you should probably give him or her some more than listed here
From the iPad box to the shawl, here are some great gifts for your boss.
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