10 reasons to visit Florida now10 reasons to visit Florida now

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It\'s never been a better time to go to Florida.
Everything you need to charge is Sunny Beach, Blue Sky, subtropical wilderness and affordable luxury.
Book in advance and find the transaction; that trip-of-a-
A lifetime can become an annual tradition.
At the top of the Florida peninsula, the vast grassland is dotted with tree islands, just like boats in a verdant ocean known as the Everglades.
Visit the Everglades National Park and you will enter the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States.
This means a million and a half acres of damp mystery and wonder from the mirror
The waters of rare and endangered species haunt the swamp trails invited to explore.
Among the ghost orchids and the ancient Panthers, Wood stor, American crocodiles and Panthers all have their own homes.
Cypress trees growing on the island, growing deep in the water maze of everglades watery.
Take a tram to Explore the Trail of wading birds and crocodiles.
Cycling or hiking trails are closer to nature.
Or just cruise on a scenic drive and stop to enjoy the scenery and legs --
Stretcher trail
Sarasota is one of the best cities in Florida, and it pleases people in many ways. Its world-
First-class museum of art, clean city center, stunning views and original beaches add up to travel-
A place worth visiting
Families who create America\'s most famous circus happen to love art.
The John and maybrilin Museum of Art has the world\'s largest collection of Lubens paintings and many other treasures, including old circus costumes, carriages and the world\'s largest Mini Circus.
In the town, buy chic boutiques, taste food at one of many exquisite restaurants, and then go to the coast for a day of Gulf Coast fun.
When the great American inventors needed to leave, they came to Florida.
But they don\'t just lie in the sun.
Thomas Edison and Henry Ford are good friends, they have winter houses together and they have been busy tinkering.
Visit their home in Fort Myers and see what genius does during the holidays.
Visit the research lab of edison Mees 1920 to watch a demonstration using his old equipment. Wander the 25-
An acre botanical garden that started as an experiment.
It has more than 1,000 plant varieties from all over the world, including Edison Banyan Tree and friends imported for rubber experiments;
It is now one acre wide.
The sunny state Bay Shore Beach is diverse and suitable for all tastes.
Do you crave white coastlines and lots of shells?
Sunset in the Bay and the mood of gentle waves?
Looking for a place to stay in seclusion or a place to get together?
Fishing or snorkeling?
The Bay Shore has everything so no wonder these beaches have always been one of the best beaches in the world.
Lido Key near Sarasota is an ecological sanctuary
Tourist and Sunset Cruise;
Watching dolphins, sailing and deep sea fishing also got the highest bill here.
The seafood here is fresh. Go to St.
The best shopping around and the nose of the aquarium-to-
The nose touches underwater creatures.
In the South not far away, take a walk on the beautiful Venice Beach and discover the fossil teeth of sharks.
Who is the Florida guy?
They are descendants of timokang, micosuki and seminor, European explorers and liberated slaves, Cuban and Haitian refugees.
For centuries, their art, architecture, language, and food have been mixed together to present a different place.
They welcome you to their museums, parks, and communities, where you can dive into the fascinating stories of Florida.
Temple Mound and shell mound located on the Florida peninsula;
Archaeological parks show that the occupation of Native Americans dates back to 200. C.
The Spanish delegation that settled in the late 17 th century was even older than the California delegation.
Visit the Grand Cypress Seminole Indian Reserve in South Florida and see a living Native American community.
The impressive modern theater and museum tells the story of Seminole
A wooden Road 60 metres long
Demonstrators display the traditional craft of the area\'s acre Cypress dome.
Taste local delicacies such as French bread, frog legs and crocodile tail nuggets.
Can not be ignored, St.
There are many surprises in Peterborough.
Sparkling between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, the town won the sunshine Hills championship for 768 consecutive days.
The Dali Museum collects the largest Dali works outside Spain.
Bold colors work well in Florida\'s oceanfront area.
Come and visit and be prepared to be in awe of the depth of this grandiose surrealist, with more than a dripping clock in his work.
You can see a variety of shops, restaurants and bars in other parts of town.
Among the other great museums, the Chihuly Collection is dazzled with colorful glass works, and the Museum of Fine Arts displays a series of impressive world masterpieces.
Florida has so many places about water that it would be a shame not to see it on the water level.
Experience the way of early explorers by kayak or canoe in close contact with natural Florida.
The Weiden island sanctuary is in the protected coastal wilderness of St. 3,190 acres. Petersburg.
Two leisurely cupsor four-
Discover the thriving natural world mile trails on the edge of the city.
Port Charlotte, south of Sarasota, is the second largest port in the United States.
The largest estuary of 270 square miles.
The coastline is 830 miles long and consists of barrier islands, rivers, tropical hammocks, pine forests, freshwater swamps and mangrove forests.
Padd players are happy to find new scenes worth the camera, notebook and memory.
Florida is a padd hand paradise where all you need is strong arms and adventurous spirit.
It\'s hard to find a better peaceful view than Sanibel and Captiva Island. The sun-
Beautiful coastline, 50-
Miles into the Gulf of Mexico.
The double blow to the life of this barrier island, developed enough to provide a range of resorts from family to luxury, adds vitality to a very perfect resort.
Most people immediately go to the beach, take off their shoes and squeak in the soft white sand.
Soon, they were doing Sanibel shuffle, walking slowly, lowering their heads and looking for things like sandknife, conch and calico scallops.
The shelling here is world-famous.
Visit with Bailey\'s scientists-
Matthews National Shell Museum, check out hundreds of shell museums from all over the world.
Just north, Captiva has its own magical rhythm.
Try sailing, biking, bird watching, and any number of water activities.
Everglades is the only big park in Florida.
With 200 national and national parks, forest and wildlife reserves to choose from, you can design your own roster of events and views and then find a park that can match.
The Cypress national reserve protects more than 729,000 acres of swamps.
Its tropical and temperate flora is rich in wildlife, including the elusive Florida Panthers.
The reserve is also an important buffer zone adjacent to the Everglades.
Explore its hidden nature by kayak or foot.
On Sanibel Island, the dindarling National Wildlife sanctuary supports an astonishing number of wildlife in its swamps, canals, bays, mangrove swamps and highland forests.
Look for rose-colored spoonbills and egrets.
Mika River State Park, located inland of Sarasota, is one of Florida\'s oldest and largest state parks. A 40-
The mile-long trail winds through the wilderness with thousands of birds, crocodiles and deer.
For a taste of Florida\'s sophistication and wildness, head along the Gulf of Mexico to Naples, a cocktail in a resort and remote area.
Family, romantic holidaymakers, everyone in-
A welcome port will be found between the two.
Nature lovers under 15
Naples nature center and beach lovers in Acre head to Delnor-
Wiggins Pass State entertainment district.
Shoppers should head to swank galleries and boutiques on South Third Street and South Fifth Avenue.
Visitors to Marco Island luxury resortdie-
Beaches and lush parks.
Marco Island is the only one of the 10,000 islands with a tropical climate and a leisurely lifestyle.
Take a walk to the wild at the Briggs Nature Center-mile boardwalk. Nearby Collier-
Seminole State Park has more than 6,000 acres of wild Florida;
A boat tour is a must.
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