Do you have a factory?

Do you have a factory?


Below are the questions which clients concern about . Because this is an online business, many customers have not seen the sales of factories, so they are very concerned about whether their suppliers are factories or not, and they are also worried that they will be deceived. So let's look at the questions that customers often ask about factory.


Question 1: What is the factory name

A: Name in English: Y&M Crafts Manufacture Limited / Guangzhou Mingou Metal Products Co., Ltd. Chinese name: 广州市明欧金属制品有限公司. The former name of the factory is Yingmei, the name changes to current using in 2014.


Question 2: Where are the factory?

A: The factory was founded in Zhongshan city of Guangdong province, China, and is located in Guangzhou, the beautiful Yangcheng now. 

Address: No.233-200 Shiyu Road, Dongyong Town ,Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China, post code 511453. There is a metro stations - Panyu Square Station and high-speed railway station near the factory, it is very convenient to come to the factory.


 Question 3: How long has the factory been built?

A: The factory was found in 2003, we have been working hard to do our best to make the factory better.


Question 4: How many people in your factory?

A: We have 100-120 people include the office staffs and skilled workers, and we believe that factory will grow bigger and bigger, and more and more people come to work with us.


Question 5: How big is the factory?

A: The factory has two floors, about 3000 square meters.


Question 6: What equipment does the factory have?

A: The factory has two engraving machines, three die-casting machines, eight drilling machines, ten polishing machines, one soft enamel fill machine, two sewing machines, one slicing machine, one laser machine and one UV printing machine and also has some small machine to assembling. These machines meet all customer requirements for customized products.


Question 7: What kind of products factory makes?

A: The factory mainly makes gifts, such as zinc alloy keyrings, leather key chains, sport medals, lapel pin badges, beer bottle openers, compact mirrors, fridge magnets, souvenir coins, tie clips, cuff links, card holder, money clips, dog tags, luggage tags, lanyards, bracelet and bag holders and so on, welcome OEM and ODM design. Below are the items show.

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